Achieve your Goals

& Measure Improvements.

We realized that using a todo list helped us do what we needed to get done, but we didn't always have time for what we wanted. Clear Goals is here to help accomplish and make time for what you really want to do.

View stats to learn how many times you actually got to that goal you wished you had time for each day. Easily discover where you are doing well and which goals need more attention.

Focus on What's Important

& Get Into a Routine.

At the beginning of each day, your daily goals are unchecked and ready to be completed again. Focus on what you want to achieve daily, weekly, monthly and for the year.

See every goal due today across all your projects in the today view. When you add a new goal with a due date, simply type the date the way you'd naturally say it and Clear Goals will intelligently recognize and set the due date for you.

Form Good Habits Easier

& Access Anywhere

Use Clear Goals from your browser, your tablet or your smartphone. Clear Goals works great on iOS and Android devices so you can create and complete goals anywhere.

Even if you forget to check your goals, Clear Goals can send you a notification as a reminder.